Normalize NSI

“Normalize Non-Sexual Intimacy” (Normalize NS.I.) uses photography as a means of expanding the continued conversations exploring and broadening the constructs of intimacy with current experiments contemplating Black masculinity. Normalize NS.I. asks viewers to annex their sensibilities to the possibilities of how Black men are seen, as they express the ineffable cognizance of solidarity that is… Read more »

Commercial Portraits

Each photograph is a means of discovering commonality regardless of sexual orientation, which breeds compassion. “I’m always looking for that moment in the eyes that seems to say ‘I see you seeing me.’”, says Beal. “That’s the moment. That’s the magic. Shutter, click.” “My photography is a reconciliation. To me it represents expressions of joy… Read more »

JACK’D Case Study

The Jack’d Case Study brought together men from different places on the conventional-to-queer spectrums to explore illustrations of Black men holding intimate space for each other without regard to sexuality or masculinity. This photo exploration opened up new conversations about how the app can engage with the queer communities desire to be considered more fully… Read more »